• Redcord
    "It gets people better and gets them better faster than anything else I've done. Redcord is an indispensable tool"
  • Work Injuries
    We can create a specific treatment plan tailored to a workers job requirements, enabling a faster return to work and a decreased likelihood of re-injury
  • Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries
    Getting you back to pre-injury condition or better quickly.
  • Movement Is Medicine
    Improve performance. Maintain range of motion. Move safer, smarter, stronger.

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  • Josh Walkenhorst

    Dr Josh Walkenhorst has worked as a physical therapist for 1 year and comes from the Midwest. Josh graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and has a wide variety of experience including orthopedics, sports, neurological injuries, geriatrics and pediatrics. 

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  • Dustin Allen

    Dustin Allen joined our team in June of 2020 having been in the PT field for six years. He graduated from Lake Washington Technical Institute PTA program in 2020 and moved to Tri-Cities in March. He has experience in Orthopedics, Sports, and Geriatrics with emphasis on Sports Rehab and Return to Sport. 

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  • John Nicacio

    Dr John Nicacio joined our team in May 2018.  He has 28 years experience as physical therapist in a variety of setting including neurological and orthopedic outpatient, various acute care services, inpatient and post acute rehabilitation, as well as pediatrics.  

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""The staff is awesome! They truly care about their clients and go the extra mile to not only get you back to where you were but better than where you were. They will work your tail off but the results are amazing! I have had previous PT and this was above and beyond my past experience with other offices.""
    Andrew H.
  • "I was recently diagnosed with a neck injury, I had doctors disagreeing on my treatment. Finally, I was sent to physical therapy at Peak. Before therapy, I was in pain 90% of my day, including sleep hours. They have focused on my injury and recovery and have taught me how to help myself at home as well. The training I'm learning will help me prevent being injured again. I don't feel like just an "appointment", they know me, my injury and I won't go anywhere else!!"
    Erin R.
  • "Due to past experiences with physical therapy after 2 meniscus surgeries I have been very skeptical of even going to PT. I never thought it was very effective. Recently I injured my knee during firefighting operations and feared the worst as I had thought I re-tore the meniscus in my Lt knee. After being referred, I limped into The Peak facility. I just wanted confirmation that I had torn it again so I could get the MRI, but after several field tests they diagnosed me with a meniscus contusion and LCL contusion. They introduced me to several exercises in office and at-home therapy. My knee already feels 100% better after just my second visit!
    This place rehabs patients with functional movements and exercises. They also use a special “red cord” apparatus that you won’t find anywhere else around here. If your an athlete this is also the place to go. They are great and I’m a believer!! I highly recommend their office."
    Earl A.
  • "This is an awesome place to get PT! They tailor make the therapy exercises to suit your specific injuries! The therapists and the Client Greeter Specialists out front are fabulous! I have been going there for P.T. sessions for a while now and you couldn't ask for a better group of individuals. They have the most modern and state of the art exercise devices that they use for their regimens, while also incorporating the health/exercise for the rest of your body!"
    Lori S.
  • "I was recommended by Dr.Nijjer to start physical therapy.The staff at Peak Performance go out of their way on your needs. The therapists are very professional and guide you were you most need the exercise from your injuries. I am very happy with their workouts.It's the best Physical Therapy I been to."
    Maria M.
  • ""Five Stars!""
    Irlanda V.
  • "There is no Physical Therapy business like this in the Tri-Cities. There is no Physical Therapy business like this on this side of the mountain. What I'm saying is they offer a unique approach to Physical Therapy that caters to everyone. You seriously need to go in and check it out and see for yourself! Are you an athlete? Do you want to isolate your muscles and find your weakest muscle/muscle group? The therapists on staff can help you with this no problem. All are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Are you suffering from a recent or past injury? They can help you recover and get back to a healthier lifestyle where you are not limited in your day-to-day activities! Stop in and say hi and the office admin can get you all setup!"
    Dennis D.

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